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Looking for light in all the wrong places [how to hunt down awesome light]

One of my students asked if they could come on a shoot with me and I thought…. SURE why not.  Noticing in most of the assignments she had been turing in, finding good light was the biggest struggle. I planned the shoot for the middle of the day when most people have time to get out and practice with their cameras. Sometimes it makes more since to be in the moment and watch the finding light process than trying to explain it in a classroom. I am a big believer in making your own light if your thrown into crappy light situations but this shoot was about teaching someone how to find good light. 99% of this shoot is all natural.jrobison photography

In the Fall Bradford Pear trees are really hard resist so we marched across a busy street and I placed my subject right by the tree. The obligatory tree photo much like the brick wall photo ( yes I did take pictures by a brick wall).  My thought was to shoot 50mm 1.2 dreamy bokeh, then throw some flash in there and get the traditional f8 fake background look, then I settled on moody shadows from the sun coming through the leaves creating interesting points of focus. Instant demo of how to find your style and how equipment choices play a big part of how the image looks.

The hard light from the mid day sun was pretty nice. I was able to just walk around downtown and look for places the sun was shining between buildings and reflecting off shiny surfaces. These are a few photos from our looking for light shoot. The orange stair photo is by far my favorite from the day.

I wanted to show how just a little flash can dramatically change what you see in an image so we went found a shaded spot under a bridge. It is Christmas time so a huge lit tress was on display and I thought what a great background if I can knock out most of the ambient light. I think it worked out great! You can’t even see all the people in the background walking around.

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