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a tiny bit crazy

I hosted a crazies shoot in my art gallery. I only took a few pictures the majority of the time was visiting with friends. I love to catch up with my fellow photographers and geek out with new photography toys. My daughter thought my new umbrella was fun so I just had to take a […]

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Underwater Engagements

Parker and Trussel just wanted to take a few photos that were out of the ordinary. It was pretty interesting getting all the elements to line up in these images. We did take some “normal” engagements, but who wants to look at those. These are so much more fun!

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Alex Workman - These are absolutely incredible!

stacy landry - OMG these are some of the most fun and interesting engagements I have ever seen. Awesome.simply.Awesome!!

Tammy - Un freakin real Jen!! I love it